Tamilnadu Textiles – Arcot

ClientT2k Clothing Center (Tamilnadu Textiles)
Project Type Retail / Textiles
AreaAround 49,841 Sq. Ft
FloorsBasement +4 Floors

Project Details


Energy efficient electrical modifications and a new HT EB supply have been made to the existing building which has been renovated.


(11KV/0.415KV AC), 630 KVA to supply power requirement of Commercial Store. More over the system shall be so designed that it is reliable and optimized to meet not only the present requirement but also suitable for future load growth of 5%-10%.

Diesel Generator:

One no of 500 KVA & One no of 180 KVA-  3 phases, 50 Hz, 415 volts DG Set


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