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Experience success in every endeavor with the DNR team, where we value energy conservation, project care, ownership, and global responsibility.

DNR Consultancy

Founded in 2005, DNR Consultancy has evolved into a leading MEP Engineering Services consultant in India through relentless dedication and creativity. Specializing in Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Equipment (MEP) design, we uphold professionalism, expertise, and technical excellence. Building a stellar reputation in India, we take pride in our portfolio of ambitious and flawlessly executed projects at all stages of development. Our approach emphasizes cost-effectiveness and pragmatic design, guided by best practices and a commitment to innovation.

Our innovative team fosters creative thinking throughout project development, resulting in practical and cost-effective design solutions. Serving as the backbone of projects, we support clients from project inception to completion. Numerous clients have achieved remarkable success with our steadfast commitment to quality and unwavering support.

Beginning as a conventional MEP consulting firm in India, we have expanded our footprint through experience, delivering high-quality consultancy and commitment to projects across Southern states and throughout India.

What We Do


We strive for excellence through exceptional people who thrive in an irresistible workplace that fosters innovation and growth. This drives us to become an outstanding organization that exceeds expectations and sets new standards in our field.


Together, we build a brighter tomorrow: through inspiring leadership that ignites passion, and outstanding service that exceeds expectations, creating a great future for all.


Smart, Sustainable, Supportive: We offer cost-effective designs that impress partners, minimize environmental impact, and provide easy client access to comprehensive support and transparent guidance.

  1. Appealing Design: Energy Efficiency, Cost-economy, Safety, Reliability, Maintenance Flexibility.
  2. The Primary focus to Ensure the safety of human and equipment.
  3. Possible to adopt the Equipment & Load for future expansions.

Our Motto: Delivering state-of-the-art advancements in technology


Excellence, Teamwork, Integrity, Satisfaction: Our core values drive us to deliver exceptional service, collaborate effectively, act with honesty and respect, and find joy in our work.