Maghalakshmi Plaazaa – Vellore

ClientMaghalakshmi Plaazaa
Project TypeRetail / Textiles
AreaAround 66,888Sq. Ft
FloorsStilt +4 Floor

Project Details


DG synchronizing – DG Synchronizing will be done through smart controllers, by that Auto Synchronizing(AS), Auto load sharing(ALS), Load dependent start stop (LDSS) and Load shedding (LS) will be done automatically through programming.


(11KV/0.415KV AC) , 1000 KVA to supply power requirement of Commercial Store. More over the system shall be so designed that it is reliable and optimized to meet not only the present requirement but also suitable for future load growth of 5%-10%.

Diesel Generator:

Two nos. 500 KVA, 3 phases, 50 Hz, 415 volts DG Set


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