DNR Consultancy

DNR Consultancy founded in 2005 by our tough grind and inventiveness we have grown as a leading consultant in MEP Engineering Services in India. As a designer of Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Equipment (MEP), we maintain professionalism, expertise, and technical brilliance in the field. Over the past few years, India with excellence has built a reputation as a premier name in MEP consulting and engineering by building a portfolio of ambition, successful, and flawless projects at all stages of the development of projects. We are offering a cost – effective, pragmatic design. We develop through our knowledge of best practices and our openness to innovation.

In addition to our knowledge of best practices, our innovative team encourages creative thinking at every stage of a projects development, resulting in cost effective and practical design solution. We support our clients to start of a project all the way and we supported like a backbone of the projects. Many clients of ours have successfully completed their project with invincible and incredible upshot.

Our company started as a typical MEP consulting company in India, growing with experience and providing consultant quality and commitment to all our projects, whether in the southern states or throughout India.

Dnr about us
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Our Electrical Engineers brings a depth of expertise to complex Electrical challenges for building infrastructure and energy systems

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HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) is a large part of the energy consumption of the Building system and needs intelligent and effective planning.

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Fire & Allied Services

Fire protection system includes Sprinkler system, Flooding System and Fire Hydrants.

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Security System

Security Camera system that provide around the clock property protection and peace of mind. Choose from Wired IP Security Systems, Analog Security System, Wire – Free Security Systems, CCTV or Smart Home Security Systems.

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Home Automation

Home automation system to control and manage shutters and blinds, lightings, remote control, HVAC, displays, security systems, and more. that provides convenience , control, money savings, and overall smarter Home.

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Good lighting is essential to make the store seem inviting and open to a customer. Another added advantage that good lighting can create is an atmosphere that can help the customer/Client relax, get comfortable and excited enough.